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Founding Partner, Print Industries

Steve Bonoff began his journey in graphic communications as director of member services of the International Prepress Association, before being named its president in 2001. To support the prepress industry in leveraging the power of emerging technologies, Bonoff lead the charge to merge IPA with Idealliance in 2010. Joining Idealliance as its executive vice president, Bonoff directed that organization’s G7 color management series to become the world’s leading color management certification program. In 2018, Bonoff took the helm as President of Printing Industries Midwest, a trade organization representing one of the world’s epicenters of print service leadership. Recognizing how the systemic issues of recruiting and managing labor were impacting PIM members, in 2020, Bonoff co-founded the workforce development hub, Print Industries, to support the recruiting and training of the next generation print workforce.

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